and it’s way overdue,

to stop arguing about some holy shrine or building,

or wall, or piece of land

because every molecule on the planet is sacred

to forget about who owned what, 1000 or 2000 or 3000 years ago

and start living in peace on every square mile of the holy lands,

which is all lands

with the holy people

which is all people

and care about children by no longer butchering their brothers and sisters

and mothers and fathers before their terrified eyes

and see we are, see you are,

see they are

the sacred land

the sacred one

the sacred song

the sacred dance of life  #

Your Hands 12-26-15


When I touch your hands

that held three baby boys

that held me in the times I didn't want to stay

on an Earth that felt so strange

a stranger in a strange land

 but your hands


your hands

I understood

as something good

in the war that men have made

in the cities screaming loud

with the owners mean and proud


there was your hands


and a laughter that sprang

from a place not reacting

but acting from a source

where love is the force

that forces no one


to slavery, to sorrow

to fear of tomorrow


but tends with gentle hands

to the innocent hearts

of the world

I am a bird,

I knew the thin shell of an egg,

first steps on wobbly legs,

the sudden drop that found my wings,

the meeting with the wind,

a voice within, that sings....


I am a bird,

I knew the jungle and it's skies,

the coming rain, the others cries,

the sudden net that stopped my wings,

the absence of the wind,

a cage, and what it brings...


I am a bird,

I see this woman and this man,

inside a shell, fed from a can,

they love to listen to me sing,

about the jungle and the rain,

and the wind under my wings...


I am a bird,

my brain, no longer sore,

is getting numb, outside the roar,

in the streets, that stretch for miles,

no trees, no face of smiles,

on the moon... #


When you see a couple, so in love,

so happy, so horny,

radiating the energy of love


and when a baby, smiling,

holds out its hand to you, a stranger,

and it’s little hand wraps around your finger

and it’s smile broadens,

it’s eyes full of trust and acceptance


and when you see a group of people laughing

till the tears come,

because they’ve just been struck by the

monumental absurdity of life

and their laughter is complete and unaffected


and when you see someone dancing,

totally absorbed in the music,

beyond dancing for show or style,

just dancing, real and true and natural


you wonder who ever thought of war


who ever thought of instilling fear in enough people

to create armies,

to humiliate and break and train

enough human beings to march forth

and kill other human beings,

so their ruler could own more land

or gold or diamonds or silver or oil or weapons

to control even more people


who ever thought of capturing,

torturing and enslaving other human beings

to work without pay or respect or appreciation


who ever thought of prisons

because the guards are in prison too,

the judge is in the same boring, ugly courtroom

with the prisoners too

and the policemen and soldiers bend their spines

hauling the heavy arms and tools

of control and empire building


when you see those children,

on a summer day,

splashing in the ocean waves or the rushing waters of a creek,

laughing, present, alive in the pure sunlight,

while someone sleeps in the shade of a Cottonwood tree

 the color of wildflowers

 the clear high sound of a bird

 you wonder how anyone ever thought of war


The opening song, “Global Blending” starts with a subtle synth pad and an emerging sound of a crowd which blend into a rush of water and a piano emerges, then a mid-tempo drum and bass, and the spoken verses lead to a sung chorus: “Global blending, not one way, bamboos bending,

touching the stream of life.” A celebration of the good relations people are having worldwide.

Then "The Lie” starts with the ominous “He lied, then she joined in, and then she lied, and that made ten, because they’d lied...where did this thing begin?” This is as close as I get to rap, with a thumbnail sketch of our darker history, with a vision of a better future. It’s not Tupac, or Pitbull,

or Eminem, but it’s my variation of rap.

Next the unexpected sound of acoustic guitar and harmonica, a la Neil Young or Dylan on “We’re All on this Ship Together”. My grandfather used to play a mandolin with a harmonica holder holding his only harmonica. So it’s in my blood.

After a spoken piece with an orchestral background about the mystery of being here on this planet, “The Map” is hard to categorize, with it’s sliding synth base and very rock drum and clean lead guitar lines.

A comic look at a mother putting up with her dreamer of a son in “I Told My Mother”.

After a brief instrumental interlude with sax and synth, “All the Truth (That’s ever Been )"

seems a bit presumptuous , but when you get to the last two lines, you may agree.

Though I’m not a believer in re-incarnation, I have to wonder about how quickly and exactly

“This Time” came to me. Let’s say I’ve got an open mind.

“I’ve Found Another Way” has an sweet electric guitar sound I love and a lyric about ...well, the title.

Final song, with simply voice and piano, free and slow, “Dreaming Of A Future Time”, which

is echoed in some of the songs preceding it, such as in “The Lie” : “Got to be a vision, of a world not a prison...got to be a vision, of feeling free, being free...” .

Hope you find something you connect with.

"Very quickly the shimmering waterfall had a soapsuds-like flow and the fish and turtles were gone. So was the swimming."

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A feeling for music

I don't know whether I spoke first or sang first as a little boy. My earliest memories have a soundtrack. I wrote my first songs before I could play an instrument.

When I started playing piano, then guitar, I wanted, more than learning note for note the songs I'd loved, to create what I'd never heard before.

Certainly many songs come out sounding like one genre or another, but many also didn't fit neatly into any category. I called my first label "No Categories", but decided I didn't want to have my label say "no".

Now it's "Futurewave", but in the present, whenever I pick up a guitar or sit at the keyboard, the wonder and mystery of where music comes from is always there.

And it's always fresh. Reaching onto the future.

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