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This CD is amazing. Vibrant, alive, and resonant with the feel of so many aspects of Sedona. For my full review in the July 09 issue of The Light Connection, go to
Carol E. Slater - Light Connection Magazine

Something Like Jazz

I don't understand why this musician isn't on the top of all lists.  His music is some peaceful, magical, and seductive.  I am the daughter of a musician who played with the Big Bands and I know they never sounded this good.  This music absolutely takes you into Dreamland to experience all the good emotions of being a human and to appreciate all the great arts that we have in our world.  Love it.  
Pat Matthews

"He Dreamed of Open Road" is my favorite cut.  Smoooth!  Played it all the way into L.A. from Sedona.
William Chiles -author

Moonlight On Water

I have been lulled into a state of serenity while listening to this music.  It is one of those evenings that required low lights, over Peter Ellenshaws picture Moonlight on the Water, this music and a complete state of relaxation.  It is a surrounding that although you are alone you don't feel lonely as the music wraps you in its arms and loves you and keeps you safe.
Patty-Gae Matthews

Beautiful!!  I loved the music, very relaxing
Gwen Harris

Dreams Of Sedona

New Age Voice
"The first cut is buoyed by rhythms of resonant thumping--similar to Ray Lynch's "Deep Breakfast"--...a juicy mystical presence and intriguing spatial atmosphere."

Leading Edge Review
"The music conveys passion and peace simultaneously.Highly recommended."

Massage Magazine
"Dreams of Sedona offers proof that Alexander continues to grow as a composer and musician...expansive, engaging...abundant with emotion and grace."

New Visions In Sedona

Keyboard Magazine
"Alexander echoes more than a bit of Sedona's magic."

Mark Christensen, former Rolling Stone columnist
"My take is that most new age stuff is just muzak, but I really liked this album. It's varied, inventive and suave."

Reviewer: Robert from Marshfield, VT
When I listened to this CD for the first time, I was transported to a spacious and beautiful interior landscape. Alexander is a master of the synthesizer, and other instruments. This music takes the listener on a series of inner journeys through moods of contemplation, serenity, awe and awakening. Some of the cuts are hauntingly lovely and emotionally charged. Others evoke the mystic rapture of unimaginable cosmic spaces. Alexander clearly knows the inner worlds, and he also knows how to "show" them to his listeners. I meditated with this music, and found it to be the most powerful audio aid I have discovered. But it is also great for social gatherings. The atmosphere it creates is totally positive, and is NOT like so much other (boring) New Age music. This is what that genre OUGHT to be like!

P.J.Birosik, syndicated columnist
"Joyously reminding us of the lovliness that surrounds us."

Tour Of The Galaxies

Review by Dene Bebbington from
Alexander is an artist I know little about, but his website shows that he's released several albums. Tour of the Galaxies is a marvellous electronic music journey to the outer reaches of space and home again. The liner notes provide a narrative for the journey with a one or two sentence description of a point in the story, or feeling that could be evoked, on each track. Some of these vignettes are structured around rhythm and melody but several are in the vein of flowing ambient spacemusic.

It's straight into a majestic intro with “Beyond Our Stars”. Sustained synth chords and washes swish across the soundscape like bursts of cosmic rays tempting the urge to explore. The rise and fall of all the elements and the chord progressions stirs a feeling of awe. Indeed, Alexander is skilled at using music to evoke impressions or feelings. I found “Racing With a Comet” to be one of the weakest tracks musically but the stuttering rhythm, shimmering sonic waves passing over, and background spacey effects do paint a scene of flying near a comet as its icy surface blasts off forming a bright tail.

Demonstrating that little more than deep resonant chords are needed to create an atmosphere is “The Very Deep Canyons of Another Planet”. In this cinematic piece lush synth chords convey varying emotions from trepidation to amazement. In contrast “The Dream of Space” shifts the mood to become more relaxed and, well, dreamy. Gentle cosmic washes and whistles lead into a percussive section where a different aspect of the percussion plays on each channel. Underlying it all along with the percussion is a stable fluttering sound while various effects and melodic snippets make brief appearances across the soundscape. Here most of the sounds have a peculiar ethereal quality as though something is viewed through the fog of dreams.

I'm surprised to have seen no mention of this artist before because Tour of the Galaxies deserves to be a minor classic. Sit back, close your eyes, and the music easily transports the imagination to the wonders of our galaxy and beyond.

A Space Serene

Thanks for the new CD (A Space Serene). It's hypnotic! I love it. It's really nice to have on the computer when I'm working. Very soothing.
Nancy Seidler, artist

And from an air traffic controller:
"Please pass along to Alexander that his music, to me, is like a refuge at the end of my workday when I'm done controlling aircraft. I thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to more."

The first time I heard A Space Serene I found myself a float, I continue to have this feeling at every of dream like peace. I know this music comes not from a simple man gathering notes, Alexander is indeed a Maestro.  His compositions including this one comes from the soul, for the soul.  Few musicians accomplish this again and again.

In general about Alexander’s music:

“You’ve chosen well with your musical path”
Johm Beaudoin, who continues to play the CDs on his QM-FM radio show in Vancouver BC

I had an interview with Wayne Wong on his Global Reflections radio show. Wayne had a granddaughter who heard my “A Baby’s Dream” song and now every time she visits him the first thing she says is “Put on the baby!”.

I wonder if she likes the music at all or just likes hearing one of her peers on CD.
The following children though, did like the music it seems.


Alice Brock is a therapist contracted by the New Jersey school system to work with elementary school inner city children. Their emotional traumas have resulted in poor posture, which of course only furthers the downward emotional spiral.

Alice has been using my music for the relaxation and visualization that’s part of the therapy. Since the children were commenting on the music she had them write letters to the composer .  Here are some of the letters received.

Dear Alexander
I want to tell me that your music took me to a nice place and I want to say i had the best fun in my whole life and I wish I can go there angin and angin. I think the music and I can have it.
Your friend, Wendy Breedon:

I felt very loose and very emotional, it was like I was in a desert alone thinking about my problems, then I traveled to a far away play were there were flowers doves and palm trees.
No Name
I went to a beautiful place where there was no pollution. I owned my own castle and every one looked up to me and respected me.
 I saw things I never saw before. But when I layed on my mat at home I loved what I saw. Your music is a nice relaxing song I ever heard. It makes me relax and feel good.
Love, Jennifer Williams

The music I heard today made me feel comfortable safe, secure. It took a lot of tension that I had on my mind.
Yours Truly
Kisha Barrett

The music is used in hypnotherapy, massage and other subtle body disciplines such as Reiki and Jin Shin, visualization classes, meditation gatherings, body movement classes and simply to create a good space at the office, or studio.

I’ve found when I need to finish something at the computer but am feeling burned out, the music can give me a fresh start and I’ve heard that from many others.

The response from people all over the world has been a really enjoyable part of getting this music on CD and downloads and available to everyone.

I never think of it as any kind of music, just music that’s satisfying. Human, natural and cosmic in a very personal way.

new visions

21st Century music

nature - human and otherwise

pondering universal energy as it appears through musical instruments

the strength of beauty

the boredom of brutality

the creating dance of love

I now have the new music player on the home page and you can hear complete songs from all the albums and singles. Just click on the CD covers to bring up the song lists.

Also check out the video page as I have added many live in studio vocal videos as well as nature videos for the instrumental songs.

'Global Blending' is getting thousands of listens on Spotify and is fortunately creating downloads. Thanks a lot!

My most recent album is "Quiet Times". An instrumental collection in the style of "Moonlight On Water" and Dreams of Sedona", Give it a listen.

And definitely check out the video "Storm Coming" on the video page. I've been doing a lot of time lapse photography this year and this has some breathtaking images of the monsoon season here in Sedona AZ.


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A feeling for music

I don't know whether I spoke first or sang first as a little boy. My earliest memories have a soundtrack. I wrote my first songs before I could play an instrument.

When I started playing piano, then guitar, I wanted, more than learning note for note the songs I'd loved, to create what I'd never heard before.

Certainly many songs come out sounding like one genre or another, but many also didn't fit neatly into any category. I called my first label "No Categories", but decided I didn't want to have my label say "no".

Now it's "Futurewave", but in the present, whenever I pick up a guitar or sit at the keyboard, the wonder and mystery of where music comes from is always there.

And it's always fresh. Reaching onto the future.

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