All songs, words and music by Alexander


Global Blending

Celtic Music, Japanese animation,  Israeli healers, in African clothes,

Surfing the internet, reading science fiction, Then reality surpasses, the writer’s fantasy

 CHORUS: Global blending, not one way,

Bamboos bending, touching, the stream of life…

A Russian poet, reading in America, A New York festival, with saris flowing,

Hip hop in Iran, where young men dress like homeboys...knowing...


 An artist in Australia, getting email from Iceland,  A doctor from Sweden, swapping stories in Thailand,

A Chinese archeologist, finds her lover in Peru,  And it’s true…


 A Brazilian crystal miner, holds his gem up to the sun,  And he sees a vision a billion others have seen,

The war, at last, is done…


(spoken) Stronger the bamboo that bends, than the oak that resists... #



He lied

and then she joined in

and then she lied

and that made ten

because they’d lied

where did this thing begin ?

but the lie grew

now they had a religion

and it grew

region by region

and soon

the religious legion

was so deep in the lies and treason

there was no more

rhyme or reason

and they called this


a growing number

of warring nations

and to worsen the situation

they started voting



who took the lie in a new direction

and they said What we need here is…

education! So the lie

will never get forgotten!”

because the babies

they sometimes give an indication

they don’t give a damn

about the lies continuation

and the powers

they did not like that feeling

in a baby’s eyes was a move toward healing

and they couldn’t fight

the baby’s eyes

cause it was right

in the baby’s eyes…

now it will be


to be alive !


Got to be a vision

of a world not a prison

got to be a vision

of breathing free…

no dictator

no enslaver

no betrayer

no evader

got to be a vision

of a world not a prison

got to be a vision

flying free

of breathing free

of singing free

of dancing free

a world that can be…

 (repeat first 6 lines)  #



Southwest Sunlight

(Spoken with music)

Southwest sunlight

little black ants in radical back-and-forth movement
searching for their own Holy Grail.

Millions of people with degrees, presenting theories,
writing books, creating religions or franchises.
And the mystery persists.

The mystery sits still over the water
Opens for a split-second beckoning, retreating.
Who are the ‘we’ within we within we?

The earth blowing people and houses around like so many leaves.
Swelling its waves to take out beachfront property,
and then singing so quietly with its creeks on a still summer day,
as if nothing had ever happened but this tranquility.

Are we of the earth?
We of no feathers, fur or scales?
We in our labs striving to create clean energy to heat ourselves in the killing winters,
cool ourselves in the burning summers
aching for the stars of other solar systems.

We with visions of planets that welcome us home. #



If you want to see me, this is the way to go,

walk down the street of sorrow, up to the hill of woe,

and if the wind is howling, why then you're almost there...

you're coming to the canyon, that echoes of despair,

that echoes of despair...

Do not be disheartened, upon the trail of tears,

'cause just a little further, you'll meet the wall of fears,

and if you can't climb it, there's nowhere else to turn,

so better try to climb it, there's so much there to learn,

so much there to learn....

Just beyond that big wall, a quiet river flows,

it's called the river of life friend, no telling where it goes,

but if you float don't find it, you'll reach the sea of song,

sing any song you care to, there's not a song that's wrong,

not a song that's wrong...

If you want to see me, this is the way to go... #

I Told My Mother


I told my mother, I'd paint the sky red,


the color of the blood, they say poor Jesus said,


she said “How silly you are, don't shoot for a star,


come down to Earth...”



I said that I'd sculpt, a great mountain wall,


with a vision of truth, for one and for all,


she said, “You fool you'll get hurt, on that mountain of dirt,


just stay home...”



I said to my mother, your thoughts are not mine,


the sun of my world, in yours never shines,


she said, “How ugly, how vain, you give me a pain,


you're gonna go to bed without a cocktail...”



I said to my mother, as I walked out the door,


I'm sorry you find, my dreams all a bore,


she said, “You'll be back, and gave a sack.


Of mother's chocolate chips with walnuts...guaranteed to bring you back home...


cookies...   #

All The Truth (That's Ever Been)



Watch the raindrops, strike the puddle,


on the sidewalk, drear, watch the people, slowly shuffle,


huddled up with fear,


See the rooftops, blend into, the clouds above the street,


lights behind, an old store window, shadows 'cross your feet....



Streets of life, the ancient cities, old as human beings,


is it now, or is it then? Is it what it seems?


In single file, to wait for movies, or for old age checks,


or to mount, a wooden scaffold, blade aimed, for their necks...



The measly miles, 'round the planet, hurricanes that roar,


twisters, flood, icy sleet, waves that eat the shore,


people calling, people stalling, staring into space,


all the truth, that's ever been, is in one loving face... #


This Time


One time I lived as a sailor, one time I lived as a king,

One time I lived a a tailor,

this time I came just to sing...


One time I lived as a slaver, one time I lived as a priest,

one time I lived as a soldier,

this time I came just to sing...


This time so long in coming, this time we'll build a home,

where no one lives in danger,

a place, we've always known...


One time I lived as a jailer, one time as a man who grew wings,

one time I lived as a painter,

this time I came just to sing...

I've Found Another Way



Trouble, used to be my middle name, and sometimes,


looks like it's gonna be again,


but then, I see a bright bird spread it's wings,


or the sunlight, on the water in the creek,



and my heart knows, It's gonna be OK, my heart knows,


I've found, another way....



Sometimes in the way you speak,


or gesture with your hand,


a memory of perfection comes to mind,


sometimes in an instant, comes a place of peace I've known,


and I touch a world outside of time...



and my heart knows, It's gonna be OK, my heart knows,


I've found, another way....

Dreaming Of A Future Time


Dreaming of a future time, when all the world will sing in rhyme,


bringing all the harvest home, of all the hearts that once thought


they were so all alone...



Dreaming of a monument, that stands alone in a field of green,


speaking of another time, when city streets heard sirens scream,


drowning out this dream...



Heart song, hold on,


heart song, hold on....


Dreaming of a people free, to know the joy it is to be,


in a body on this Earth, to know the wonder of it's birth,


and pass it on...


A Child In The Congo


It’s such a strange world


In the Congo, lies a child dying

They took him from his mother at six years old


The warlords taught him, how to use a rifle,

don’t fire till you see, the whites of their eyes…”


he made it to ten years, they said “You’re a very good soldier!”

but he missed this time, now he lies so still.


His blood is flowing, into the Congo soil.


Somewhere in the distance the mighty Nyiragongo

Is a quiet volcano that has come to life


It’s lava pouring, as his blood is flowing

Into the soil, of a land he hardly knew


He was busy killing, he was wrapped in fear

He made it to ten years


Now he’ll kill no more


In the soil, of the congo

His blood a little trickle, his breath is still


He’ll never see his mother, he’ll never know his father,

He barely knew his own thoughts, now his breath is still.


A child in the Congo, like so many others


A child so alone


Nobody sheds a tear


The sound of gunfire


The last thing he’d hear


In the Congo, so alone, like so many others,

Another child – gone

new visions

21st Century music

nature - human and otherwise

pondering universal energy as it appears through musical instruments

the strength of beauty

the boredom of brutality

the creating dance of love

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A feeling for music

I don't know whether I spoke first or sang first as a little boy. My earliest memories have a soundtrack. I wrote my first songs before I could play an instrument.

When I started playing piano, then guitar, I wanted, more than learning note for note the songs I'd loved, to create what I'd never heard before.

Certainly many songs come out sounding like one genre or another, but many also didn't fit neatly into any category. I called my first label "No Categories", but decided I didn't want to have my label say "no".

Now it's "Futurewave", but in the present, whenever I pick up a guitar or sit at the keyboard, the wonder and mystery of where music comes from is always there.

And it's always fresh. Reaching onto the future.

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