An instrumental piece led by guitar hoping to capture that special feeling of Maui sunset. In this case the Front Street area.

This is a song about finding in oneself a place of peace and surprise and humor and appreciation and mystery that does not beg for an answer. I love the feel and melody in it. A simple electric guitar. There's a couple of added touches on the CD track

I've always loved science fiction, in books or films, but none of it ever quite gets the feeling of images I've had in dreams or occasional transcendental moments in waking life of what that place/space outside our solar system and galaxy feels like to me. I gave myself the enjoyable challenge of trying to capture even a hint of it in the album Tour Of The Galaxies.

When finishing this composition I listened for the images it conveyed to me and it was very simple. The feeling of the Western USA, where I've spent most of my life. The space, the open sky, the beautiful contrasts. Whether driving or walking the trails, always movement of water, clouds, wind in wildflowers and pines.

Jesse's high bamboo flute soars like an eagle over the driving percussion and orchestral keyboard textures in this song. On full moon nights around Sedona AZ you can often hear the sound of group drumming echoing of the mountain side. This was a composition to capture that feel and mood.

When I was listening to the final mix of this song I found myself moving in subtle ways, a kind of dance/exercise unlike anything I'd done before. Later I saw someone doing Tai Chi movements and it looked something like what I was doing spontaneously to this song. I like doing exercises the come from an intuitive place, rather than any fixed routine. Seen from outside by another it can seem like not much is going on, but when following exactly what the body wants, at that particular moment can produce subtle, but much needed healing and relief. I love the song and it captured what I was feeling. I hoped to get even a glimmer of it in this video

Very simply, a song about my father. As it says in the lyric, "As good a father, as anyone could hope for". Vintage footage and photos used under fair use act

This is a song about a woman who chose a man that turned out to be abusive. So many women in the world are forced into marriages that are abusive or choose a partner who they find to be damaged and violent and have to suffer a kind of hell to extricate themselves from it. Dedicated to all the women who know the story too well.

This song came about because of a trip through Pennsylvania in a dying car. We were forced onto side roads because we couldn't go fast enough for the tollway. We encountered fog, parked on the side of the highway and slept in the car. In a fitful sleep I had one of those more real than real nightmares that I describe in this lyric:

A solo piano piece about a rose. What could be more corny, eh? Still every time I come upon a rose, or many other cultured and wild flowers, I pause and take in the scent and the beauty. It's fairly abstract to attribute a name of a thing or place or person to any instrumental song but as a composer that's all one can do. When I first improvised this melody I got the impression of a rose. Hopefully here's some healing in sound and color.

This is a kind of funny country style song about a romance in transition. A man has left his woman in Nashville. He's in California, and a series of musicians are in and out of her life. The last verse adds a touch of poignancy. Hope you like it.

Time lapse photos morphed into video perfectly convey the spectacular cloud formations we get here in North central Arizona. This is the first song on my first album that was inspired by the magical landscape of Sedona and the emotional intensity it could generate. Dancing clouds it is. Hear all music at

In this area I live in, Sedona AZ, there is said to be certain special areas of it that are called 'vortexes'. They are claimed to have metaphysical properties. The physical properties of the red rock formations here are enough to bring on an altered state. So I had some fun playing with the spin of a vortex that hopefully can induce a bit of an altered state both in the music and visuals. I've certainly had my share of ecstatic states here.

When I gave this name to this piece of music it was as much about inner travel as outer, but that's kind of hard to visualize. So maybe it's just hinted at in the movement.

This is an attempt, with a kind of moving collage, to convey the feeling of when this place I live in now, high desert, was once ocean. This area has been covered by ancient seas as many as seven times and the red color in the rock comes from iron that was trapped in seawater. I wanted to capture it in music and I like the flow of the video with this piece as it turned out.

The title of this song would indicate sleeping with a beautiful woman to most, probably, and that is a part of it. But it also is about the reality of how many songs came to me in my dream state and those songs were inspired by all forms of beauty including very much the music itself. Piano was my first instrument, at least the first I pursued in depth, and I still feel a rush of pleasure whenever I touch it's keys. Even the keys of an electric keyboard that has a finely sampled one.

Sedona Arizona has a place in many of my videos since it is my immediate surroundings, but this video captured, more than any before it, the uncanny magical feeling that I experience very often here. This song is from my 5th album and has had continued airplay since it's release in 2005. The title includes the word 'dancing', so I give my clumsy attempt at it. There was always a lot of dancing in my life and I need to give it more of a place again. Feels great. Hope you enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

The section of Sedona AZ called 'uptown' (not as big as NYC's uptown) is where a lot of tourists go, so the locals often don't. But we musicians are up there quite often to play and I go too just to enjoy playing tourist and marvel once again at the landscape. This video captures a number of uptown afternoons.

This is a nice jazz-like groove that coveys (maybe) the feel of the open highway. So many millions of people have these great cars that rarely get to take off on a stretch of nearly empty road. Some people doing their daily commute are bound to feel like the guy in this video. Enjoy the trip.

This is the opening song from my instrumental album "Quiet Times". Based on a soft but strong percussive beat, much like a heart beat, with melody to convey what's heartfelt in our lives. Love of nature and those in our lives who reflect back to us the best in us.

Snow is fairly rare in Sedona Arizona. It's truly beautiful when it covers the red rock mountains. I attempted to convey some of the feel in this song and here I have the added advantage of the actual time lapse, video and photos I took this winter. Hope you enjoy it.

A comic look at an spam I got in my email when I was getting about a half dozen weird ones every day for awhile, as I explain at the beginning of the song.

This song is the opening one for 'songs for Sedona' that was recorded with Jesse Kalu on bamboo flutes on a number of tracks.
The monsoon season of Sedona AZ is not as extreme as those in India and it's neighbors, but it's a beautiful movement of afternoon storms that cool off the summer temperatures and bring some beautiful clouds, rain, rainbows and often the percussion of thunder and flash of lightning. All of which is captured in this video through time lapse photography and video taken during the 2014 season. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed every element of making it.

Here's an unreleased song. I have three instrumental albums inspired by Sedona AZ, where I've lived for years, but then this lyrical love song to it's powerful yet gentle landscape came along. Included are visual evidence of it's splendor in video and photos.

This song that ends the album Global Blending came in a dream. At least the feel and some of the imagery. As soon as I got to the keyboard hoping to capture what the dream conveyed to me, the lyrics just poured out. It's a amazing, the world being as it is, that people can still imagine one quite different.

This is the only spoken word 'song' on the Global Blending album. After writing it I immediately felt some music around it. On the studio recording there's some added instrumental touche

This is a pretty self-explanatory folk song that reminds us all that we're on this planet-ship floating through space, and there's no reason we shouldn't enjoy it and each other. Far out man...

I swim from May to October usually in Oak Creek and walk along it the rest of the year at various locations. The creek runs down Oak Creek Canyon, south of Flagstaff and through Sedona AZ. It's a pleasure to watch people enjoying the beauty of living water and the children especially.

This song came about after seeing a particularly striking documentary about the conflicts in the Congo where children were captured and trained to be soldiers. It's a song that just poured out and is one of sadness and sympathy for their plight.

A song of metaphors for my own life movement from the 'norm' into what felt like my own place and space, alive and at ease in my own (temporary) skin. The tricky path from there to here. It changes yet

The videos were taken at the beautiful Oak Creek in Sedona AZ and the south coast of California. Videos also by the artist. From the album: Moonlight On Water.

The vocal starts at 1:30 in. The opening is from the studio recording, then the rest is a live version. The album version has a few other touches. It's the title song to my first all vocal album, "Global Blending". The lyric starts with some reference to my own experience of the world coming to me, and then looks at world wide happenings. I enjoyed creating the 'dancing' lyrics. (Please forgive the typo on 'Israeli' in the video.)


Here's a song that has a basis in reality but is tweaked to give a humorous slant. For all of you who loved your family

but found you viewed the world very differently.

 This is as close as I get to rap. I think it's a good lyric and I like the beat and the melodic content. A somewhat comedic thumbnail sketch on history, as it's come down to us, in who knows how distorted a fashion.



This is from "Something Like Jazz" CD.

Just a dream feeling of motion moving with the rhythm. I originally thought of this as a dream that had Miles Davis playing his muted trumpet, but the video could also be interpreted as the dream of miles traveled.


On this album, on most songs, I'm accompanied by the wonderful flute playing of Jesse kalu. Jesse makes his own bamboo flutes and has been performing for years mainly in the Arizona area but also throughout the US and the world. This video may seem old school in a world where music videos, TV shows, ads, and movies are a blur of quick cut film making. So much of the time nothing is on the screen for more than a second or two, So this video of lingering panning of intimate movements of water may seem quaint. But think about it. Every square inch of the screen, following the flow and swirl of living water, is moving faster than even the quick cut school of film making. This piece of music is hoping to convey the paradox of deep meditation that evolves from immersing oneself in this rapid, infinite improvisation of nature.

As I say in the in the video, a lot of my songs are portraits of people. In the years after I graduated high school I made much of my living doing portraits in charcoal, pastel and paint. Everything from in people's homes, to the sidewalks and cafes of New York City and Chicago. As music became more of my focus and passion the portrait drawing became musical and lyrical. As I say in the in the video, a lot of my songs are portraits of people. In the years after I graduated high school I made much of my living doing portraits in charcoal, pastel and paint. Everything from in people's homes, to the sidewalks and cafes of New York City and Chicago. As music became more of my focus and passion the portrait drawing became musical and lyrical.

I had the desire to do a celestial album for many years and kept composing song after song, some that came to me in vivid dreams, and eventually I had to arrange the music that came closest to the vision I carried around for all that timeless time.

This is one my most played songs on satellite radio, internet radio and cable channels, so I thought it deserved a video. It's hard to get an eagle's eye view without attaching a video cam to it's head, but I did the best I could being grounded. Surrounded by the skies of the Southwest helped. The amazing clouds of monsoon season in Arizona helped also. Hope you like the flight.

I had dreams of other planets and attempted to play the music that was in those dreams or improvise music that felt not only like the dreams but the feeling of outer space, infinite space and even our own little galaxy. Eventually this album came together. "Cosmic Singer" was a 21st Century version of the sea sirens maybe. Hopefully the cosmic sirens are not dangerous and devious as were the Greek ones of myth. More trips to come.

This is also from "Something Like Jazz". The only vocal on the CD. This is also a pre-HD video with my friend Kristina Petrosyan portraying the long gone lover. Locations are in and around Sedona AZ. This was originally to be a first sketch, but I loved the guitar sound so much it made it to the album. I still enjoy it every time I hear it.

This is a song about a woman that seemed to shape shift right before my eyes at times. Not as extreme as a horror or sci fi movie. Much more subtle and strange.

new visions

21st Century music

nature - human and otherwise

pondering universal energy as it appears through musical instruments

the strength of beauty

the boredom of brutality

the creating dance of love

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A feeling for music

I don't know whether I spoke first or sang first as a little boy. My earliest memories have a soundtrack. I wrote my first songs before I could play an instrument.

When I started playing piano, then guitar, I wanted, more than learning note for note the songs I'd loved, to create what I'd never heard before.

Certainly many songs come out sounding like one genre or another, but many also didn't fit neatly into any category. I called my first label "No Categories", but decided I didn't want to have my label say "no".

Now it's "Futurewave", but in the present, whenever I pick up a guitar or sit at the keyboard, the wonder and mystery of where music comes from is always there.

And it's always fresh. Reaching onto the future.

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